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We are in the process of co-designing a variety of

Project RISE services...

Youth Services

When our youth thrive, our community thrives. We want to provide safe and inclusive spaces and opportunities where youth can thrive.

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We're on a mission to lift community literacy levels for young and senior citizens.

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Kids Doctor Checkup

Health & Wellbeing

This is where we bring integrated health services into the School.


Student Accomodation

Linked to our Youth Services, we want to provide students an environment to live, learn and thrive in a supportive whanau environment.

Community Education

Extending education and communal activities to the wider community.

Sports & Recreation

Providing extra participation and high performance support in sports and recreational activity.

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Construction Manager

Earn while you learn

Providing youth and families employment and business opportunities and pathways.

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A family and entertainment centre generating social and economic opportunities for the local community in Tāmaki.

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